Saturday, March 14, 2009

Troubles of a Muslim Convert

Is it just me or is it that converting to Islam is the most rewarding experience yet at the same time the freakiest?

What do I mean?

Family and friends reactions? Being disowned, rejected, called crazy, having your sister perform an exorcism, your best friend beating you to death with Jesus every time she goes to Bible study, How about your job and your co-workers? Have they called you a terrorist lover or tell you how stupid you look in your scarf.

What about culture shock?

From none muslim life to Muslim life? Easy or hard?
How about the culture shock of learning about all the Muslims cultures?
A shocking discovery of how many none practicing Muslims are so bad?

Have you got banned from the masjed? Even being a new convert of 2 years or less?

Everyone keep telling you your not a Muslim if......?
Or keep telling you such and such is harram excessively?
How about telling you their is a Jin on you or that your the devil or that some people are evil?

Ummm, I can go on for ever questioning what troubles a Muslim Convert.

There is so many things..

Why can't we just be nice and relax. It took the sahabah 22 years to practice 100 %

I have only been Muslim 2 Years. Already banned from the masjed for insulting a lady in the worst day of my life.

Now I am a devil that puts evil eye on people. Talk about giving your bros and sisters excuses. I suppose that only applies for Muslims in our own family, since I am the only one, I guess then I am a loner. Its me and ALLAH. That is it.

What else can trouble a Muslim Convert?

How bout being disowned from your family, getting your children taken away for it and to top it off loss your job. And then what still cant find work because you decided to wear hijab.

I suppose homelessness is not so bad, as long as you are in the south. =D Humdulilah I am still alive. Still happy to be Muslim and have my mind set on staying that way.

Well, homeless if my family doesn't try having me committed. They did say they thought I lost my mind and wanted to get me help.

Trouble, Muslims, Converts, I am a troubled Muslim convert, It seems my luck to find all the duffases in the world. If it isn't a Imam with a PHD trying to turn you into a human trafficking victim someone else trying to snag a green card. Oh brother! What has the Ummah come too?

YA RAB? RA RAB? Please protect me!

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